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Someone asked me the other day,what have you been up to lately….

Tweet And this became a very fun conversation ! So much has been going on,its been like a whirlwind For those of you who know me,you know I tended to avoid things like Facebook for many years.In fact-despite my geeky techie leanings,I avoided almost all of it until a few years ago.I came to Facebook…

Live music on the UWS ! and FREE !!!!

Tweet Quickly going through my emails,just saw the posting for this week’s Target Free Thursday peformance these take place every Thursday,at 830PM at the new David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.If you haven’t been GO ! Its an awesome space,its also where the Discount Ticket booth is located, This weeks performance is Dende & Hahahaes…

Want to buy your dream apartment in NYC ? What are you waiting for ?! Go Forth and BUY !!!!

Tweet Download now or preview on posterous Go forth and buy.docx (32 KB) Posted via email from Nicole Beauchamp Team ,Your NYC Real Estate Resource

Date night in New York City-what to do ?

Tweet We all get busy -but its important to remember to take time for what’s important to you for me,its family and friends As is the case with many urban relationships-we’re both busy professionals but its important to us,to take time and enjoy each others company,and that of our friends. But this Saturday night-the weather…

Billy Joel Fan ? Like live music ? Check out Wade Preston at Sweet Caroline’s tonight !

Tweet A few weeks ago,we went to hear our friend,Bob Malone play at the Iridium jazz club in Manhattan with his band-he is one of our favorite musicians,nice,super talented-alot of fun to listen to.And we happened to sit down at a table,next to Wade Preston ! Turns out,Kevin had actually seen Movin’ Out-and remembered Wade….

Home buyer tax credits and you -is that within the realm of possibility ? Time is running out !

Tweet I get asked about this alot lately-and these are the four quick talking points I give in my response,followed by “consult a tax advisor STAT” :)-thought I’d share with you ! The federal homebuyer tax credits have been in the news constantly-if you haven’t heard about them,or just now are going “say what”-here are…

Are you being heard by your agent?

Tweet Interesting day today.I spent part of my morning at a REBNY boot camp seminar,primarily intended for new agents (less than three years in the business)-but they don’t turn away “old” agents either. What I find interesting about seminars is meeting (and perhaps reconnecting) with people I may have done deals with,but also hearing experiences….

A great spring morning in Midtown Manhattan

Tweet Here’s my view from our office…..going up to mid 80s today !!! Hoping to sprint over to Bryant Park for lunch…but first,time for monthly company meeting ! Have a wonderful Wednesday !!! Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry® Posted via email from Nicole Beauchamp Team ,Your NYC Real Estate Resource

Spring is upon us ! Tips for a spring spruce up of your NYC apartment !

Tweet Spring rolls around and many of us decide to do some spring cleaning  ! Well,here are some spring spruce up tips …freshen up your look-just for you OR especially if you’re thinking to sell: ·     Great tips for cleaning up and freshening your look o    Organize-declutter. §  Yes,generally NYC apartments can be “small” and “cramped for…

Spring ? Sample sales in NYC -BVLGARI sale coming up!!!

Tweet Saw this in my email today,thought I’d share for my friends interested in a BVLGARI sample sale. :straight from the Soiffer Haskin website : Handbags,scarves,gifts,fragrances and small leather goods ! 4/11-4/14 9a to 630p each day.CC’s only,all sales final. Go forth and shop !  (Highly recommend getting on the Soiffer Haskin mailing list !)…