Bonjour Paris…wait…I’m still on the Upper East Side !

A few weeks ago,I got a message from a friend  (who also happens to be an Upper East Side resident and broker) telling me one of my favorite local places had shut down. How did she know to mention ? Well,I tend to check in on Foursquare when I stop in for drinks or dinner. A few days (or maybe a week later) she send me a message and said NO they had not closed down,but had I checked out Maison Kayser yet….

Then,I read about Maison Kayser in a few blogs around their opening a few weeks ago,earlier this month August. And I thought to myself,sure…I’m going to stop in there one of these days,maybe for breakfast,or lunch…

And then today,as it turns out yesterday evening, somewhat last minute,I agreed to help a colleague out and show a listing for them on the Friday before Labor Day. And it was,right around the corner. And I thought to myself,well wouldn’t this afternoon be a perfect time to treat myself to lunch.

I stepped into the bakery,and I was immediately drawn to ,well..everything. I not only love desserts,I love carbs,in general (I compensate by feverishly walking around New York City every opportunity I get ,in addition to working out,but I digress…) .My original intent was to grab something and walk home. But I had this desire to stop,sit and luxuriate in the pleasure of taking time to have lunch versus what normally happens (Eat and run ,if you remember to eat at all).

Best. Decision. Made. The staff was warm and welcoming, friendly. Sometimes when you are dining alone,you can feel isolated or alienated,especially as they clear away extra place settings. Extra points to Maison Kayser for having a few tables already set for one. I was shown to a corner banquette and I immediately wondered what would I order. I did not think I was terribly hungry,but one of the appetizers caught my attention. And boy am I glad that it did ! My waitress Andrea was terrific,particularly when it came to helping me decide on dessert !

I started with Crabe & Guacamole. Shrimp,lump crab meat served over guacamole. Perfect late summer starter. And,I can rarely resist croque madame. Lots of fond memories associated with eating this…and could I EVER pass up dessert. I have been known to alter my eating habits to be sure I have room for dessert,and the Mi-cuit did not disappoint.


Crabe ,Shrimp & Guacamole @ Maison Kayser


Croque Madame @ Maison Kayser


Mi-Cuit @Maison Kayser

Maison Kayser’s Upper East Side location is at the moment the only one in the US,but never fear,as they ALREADY are planning to open a location near Bryant Park and in the Flatiron district. If you can’t wait,I assure you,it is worth the trip to the Upper East Side,don’t wait !

Maison Kayser is located at 1294 Third Avenue, NY NY 10021 . Open 7 days a week from 7A-11PM. Shall I see you there this fall ?

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