Museum Alley ?

Had early morning meeting on the upper west side this morning and being that my next appointment was directly across town, I decided I would stroll across the park once I was done. Central Park remains one of my favorite places in the city,and as I strolled east to west,ended up distracted while attempting to use Siri to answer some messages ,then through the North Woods section of the park (which always feels to me like I’m off hiking somewhere,and not in the middle of Manhattan) and eventually I exited just north of the Conservatory Gardens,just south of the Harlem Meer….

And then..I noticed the street sign…


5th Avenue Museum Alley & 106th Street

And I thought to myself “Museum Alley ” ??? Am I lost ? Where am I ? I’ve heard of “Museum Mile” – I love the Museum Mile festival, all the museums along Museum Mile (and those just outside of it) and of course there’s some amazing real estate along this stretch of Fifth Avenue….

I was pretty sure that I remembered knowing the upper boundary for Museum Mile is 105th Street, so I walked a block south to see what the street sign said…


5th Avenue Museum Mile & 105th Street

Low and behold, it indeed said Museum Mile. I also have read that while not yet open ,the Museum for African Art is expected to extend the artistic boulevard north several blocks …So I walked back north. Past ‘Museum Alley’ and all the others said 5th Avenue…

So why is this particular corner Museum Alley ? If you have any ideas,do let me know !! I can’t find any references anywhere…..

Stumped native Manhattanite… :)

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