Manhattan Market Mondays- Never enough time or too much time ?

I sit here,late on a Monday evening,finally taking some time to think through today’s post.

As they say,time is fleeting. We’re always looking for more hours in the day,maybe we need to look for better ways to allocate our time. Impossible you say ? Not really, its a matter of determining what is really important…levels of urgency,priorities. If we had more hours,would we still be saying we needed MORE hours ?
As a real estate professional,especially in New York City-it can feel like there’s never enough time,or maybe there’s too much time. Not only do you wrestle with balancing work and life (and as most of our friends or families can attest-it can be hard to be around us when we’re in the midst of a deal,or a referral..or..well you get the idea).
Our clients demand our time and energy and focus.We have to coordinate with our co-brokers who in turn are also juggling. For those of you reading this,who don’t work here-consider this,most of us are present to show our listings,as well as present when we work with buyers (which means I can spend alot of time in buses,taxis and trains !)
Buyers can think there’s always more time to make a decision,so can sellers, in the process they can end up with nothing to make a decision about…but that in of itself is another post !
It is 2011. There are many things that make doing business easier,that also make our lives easier-but similarly,its too easy to get lost in the ephemeral. I love my BB and iPad-they allow me to untether ,yet remain connected. But-they have an off button,and more importantly,I can choose when to engage and disengage (and yes it is very hard)
My thoughts ? At the end of the day,it all comes back to the people we work with,the people we ‘live’ with,the people whose goals
and dreams we are entrusted with.
So what core things form part of my “#timediet”. Its a combination of old school and new school. Sure I come equipped with many of the latest gizmos and gadgets,but I also come equipped with pen,paper,and most importantly of all-I listen.
If I’m lost in thought,or technology- without considering your needs and goals,how can I really serve your best interests? Whether in life,or in business. Balance and boundaries can be essential….
Connect with me on the social network of your choice today,and learn more about NYC life,its real estate,and how I work WITH you,to achieve your goals-and then let’s talk it out over a cup of coffee sometime !

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