Tech Tip Tuesday : Tackling Tablet Typing

I will admit it. I adore my iPad. Yes,not like,not love,but adore. It has stood out and become an integral part of how I run my business as well as my life. I was VERY skeptical initially.But to say I was bowled over,ultimately would be an understatement.


iPad 2 with Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard


I resisted the idea of a keyboard for the iPad. For a VERY long time. Primarily,because when the iPad first came out-there were few options that didn’t involve adding significant bulk or carrying “extra stuff”. And for me,the main reason for the iPad was ultimately,I wanted to carry LESS stuff (and perhaps have fewer instances of severe pains related to the load of anything I carried,whether on my shoulders,or needing to use a case on wheels…..)

I decided I would wait until I could acquire a case that integrated a keyboard and a carrying case. I never quite saw any that I liked- form was important,function was critical,but I admit it.Fashion mattered as well. It had to be pleasing to my aesthetic.

During a family celebration,my sister flew across the country armed only with HER iPad 1 and her Zaggmate case. She had been raving about it for some time. I tried it….I thought it was all right,and wasn’t sold. It made me want to “use a mouse”.And it wasn’t as svelte as I would have preferred.

But then,one day I was strolling through Costco in Manhattan,and I came upon the Keyboard case…on sale no less ! And I thought to myself,maybe I should really genuinely give it a try. I barely used it in day to day life-I did find it indispensable for “short range” trips ,of which I had a need to make several late winter and early spring (and not all for pleasure). It enabled me to leave my MacBook Air behind….

And recently,Logitech came out with the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I was (not so secretly) lusting after it from the minute I saw it.I finally acquired one about a week or so ago. And it has been everything I was looking for almost two years ago when I bought my first iPad. Even better-it works with the current iPad 2 ,and the “new iPad”. It is slim,keeps an excellent profile-and will become an indispensable part of my iPad setup,particularly when traveling I’m sure.

Yes,there are things I absolutely need a computer for. But frankly,if I’m traveling for 24-36-72 hours,whether for a family emergency,or a conference,and its likely I will spend most of my time unable to use a computer even if I lug it along….I can probably get by without bringing my laptop along,and save my back some strain.

Take a look at some of the side by side shots ! What’s your Tablet solution like ?


Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2/iPad 3rd Generation by Zap


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover vs Logitech Keyboard Case


Closed profile of Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2/iPad 3rd Generation



2 Responses to Tech Tip Tuesday : Tackling Tablet Typing
  1. Monika McGillicuddy
    November 23, 2012 | 12:47 pm

    Loved this post Nikki. I use my ipad2 all the time and really want the key board as I think it will make my typing easier and faster!
    Thanks so much for all your tips in the ipad/iphone group.

    • Nicole Beauchamp
      November 23, 2012 | 1:23 pm

      Glad you enjoyed ! I got pretty fast over time without the keyboard but I do enjoy it for extended use. It also ,for me, is a good aesthetic match I think ! And you’re welcome :) happy post t-day !

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