Who am I ?

A rare breed, or so I am told when I get the “look” after people ask, so where are you from, and I say New York. I am indeed a born AND bred Manhattanite.Until university at NYU,a product of some of the best public schools in NYC .

I’m a licensed real estate professional in New York ,at Engel & Völkers NYC  in Manhattan. Almost like a cat,I have had many lives,grew up seriously studying classical music (classically trained pianist and clarinetist-proud alum of the “FAME” school)…techno geek (academia came calling,and I studied computer science,philosophy ,economics and statistics,worked in various roles in the technology and financial services worlds,from rise of the dot comes to the bust and back.

Fitness and yoga nut-to soothe all the stress and keep a positive and healthy outlook, and simply because I enjoy sports and physical activity, whether it’s the gym, the yoga studio, the park or the tennis courts. Always seeking intellectual challenges, love of language and literature (and okay, I admit it Bridge too).

Lover of all things art related-and what better place to be than NYC,fabulous museums and cultural institutions, and easy access to get to an airport and hop on a plane-to ANYWHERE which brings me to travel (one of my life goals is to make it to all seven continents want to guess how many I have left ?),interesting people, learning new languages, great food,wine,animals and almost all kinds music.

Over time you’ll see some of my many passions, and some of my interesting quirks, and notice that I do have slight to moderate geeky tendencies-BUT all of these things make me who I am-being a real estate professional IS one of my passions, but it’s not the ONLY part of me, many facets.

Hopefully we’ll get to know each other and form relationships ! I love commentary,debate,constructive criticism and feedback-so PLEASE, keep it coming-and come on back-you might just see I took your advice ! Living life, evolving and growing.Let us connect,re-connect,in some cases, so that we may engage,build and nurture our relationship.

Cheers ! Nikki

OH PS-some legal stuff and disclosure.YES,I am a licensed real estate professional in New York,associated with the afore mentioned firm.This blog is solely and exclusively my opinion and not that of anyone else.It is intended to add an additional dimension,so that my personality and specifically my approach to real estate are illustrated. Additionally, amongst many of the things that will be discussed here pertaining to real estate-this is not to be construed as financial or legal advice.If you need tax advice,consult an accountant.If you need legal advice,consult an attorney.If you need a recommendation to an attorney,accountant or mortgage/financing professional-please feel free to ask and I will send you a few suggestions.Should you chose to subscribe your information will NOT be shared with anyone else .If at any time you wish to receive fewer messages, would prefer it in another format-or not at all-send me an email,call me,and we will get it all take care of to your satisfaction.